Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Our relief operations started on November 11, 2013, three days after Super Typhoon Yolanda hit Ormoc City. 

We started with the barangays nearest to our homes since it was the easiest in terms of transporting the goods. The first to receive aid were the following villages: 
Mayahag - 200 families
Donghol - 541 families 
Cabulihan - 

We distributed food packs that contained 2 kilograms of rice, packs of instant noodles, sardines and other canned meat plus other non-perishable food items that were given by kindhearted donors from all over the country. 

The HAYAG Orphanage also received baby formula milk, Wilkins distilled water, food packs, clothing and bug spray. With all structures roofless, windowless and even wall-less, bug spray and mosquito netting is very, very important especially since the children are at risk of Dengue Fever. 

With news of looting and riots and random acts of frantic survival in other devastated areas, people immediately assumed that it was the same for all towns and cities. That was definitely not the case, especially in Ormoc City where most of the locals stayed calm and helped each other. It was such an inspiring sight to see people from all walks of life, equally hungry and helpless, yet still lining up in an orderly manner. For this alone, we have faith that Ormoc will rise again. 

The distribution of relief goods was also done systematically in order to be sure that all citizens of the barangay will get their fair share. We contacted the barangay captain and went directly to the area to really get the exact number of people. It was important that the goods were enough for everyone. We consolidated the efforts of different families and groups so that there was no duplication in the distribution of relief goods. For the bigger barangays, we put them off until we ensured that there was enough food packs and hot meals for every single person. 

Aside from the barangay effort, bread and hard boiled eggs were sent to evacuation centers together with water and some snacks (cookies and biscuits). After that, food and snacks were also given to the people lining up at the pier. There were hundreds of them waiting for a chance to evacuate to Cebu, lining up from morning to evening. 

The week has not been easy. We thank the Lord for blessing us with friends and relatives who immediately answered our call for help with no questions asked and no delay. Donations started pouring in and we were able to help more barangays and feed more people. As private citizens who have also suffered from losses, we are very limited in terms of resources to help everyone. The support that we received from donors all over the world have been truly God-sent. 

Now we are focusing efforts on rebuilding Ormoc. We may be roofless and worse, homeless but we are certainly not hopeless. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

The Doctors Are In!

One thing's for sure, this blog will not run out of people to thank. We will make sure that everyone who helped and contributed and donated will be recognized for their kind hearts. 

To the following doctors, we cannot thank you enough. No words can express our gratitude. 

Dr. Daisy Nacional 
Drs. Earl and Faith Alfon
Dr. Ana Marie Cabaero
Dr. Maurine Clavano 
Fernan and Gaga Ong
Tony and Dina Garcia
Annie Inciong 
Bohol Medical Society led by Dr. Grace Araneta
Dr. Rafael Bacalla
Dr. Emma Dominguez


Sunday, 17 November 2013


In behalf of the people of Ormoc City, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the kind souls from all over the world for their generous cash donations. 

A heartfelt THANK YOU from all of us to all of you. 

Your act of kindness has given the people a chance to fight, to believe, to move, to hope. 

God bless you! 

* Arup Singapore Pte Ltd, Singapore
* Ong & Ong Architects, Singapore
* PT Friends, Singapore
* Michelle Sebastian, Singapore
* Michael Tan and Starry Joy Tizon, Singapore
* Tim Gazard and Mariella Angeles, Singapore
* Levie Cequena, Singapore
* Hannah Shan and Luuk De Kruiff and friends, Singapore and Holland
* Bianca Lucia and Sebastian Wagner, Dubai
* Eugenia Vilcie and her friends from DBS Bank Singapore
* Hannah Feddon, Singapore
* Rachelle Tiu, Singapore
* Joanna Tiffany Tan, Singapore
* Phil Lazarus, Singapore
* Maria Vivette Dimas, Singapore
* Lenny May Paculanang, UK
* Emily Janelle Santos and Sherwin Cordero, Australia
* Jamie Hladky, Australia
* Rhea Kristina Ty, New Zealand
* Michael Adrian Lu, Singapore
* Mougiong Sun, Singapore
* Laurence Nicol, Australia
* Ana Gacis, Singapore
* Quianna Givens, USA
* Queen Menchavez, Australia
* Kim Yu and friends, Singapore
* Edzel Lapira, USA
* Ball Cherie, SIngapore
* Chester Alomesen, Philippines
* Aubrey Ong, New Zealand
* Ian Kirit, New Zealand
* Debbie Jane Go, Singapore
* Rich Watson, UK
* Chloe Torreance, UK
* Christina Olivari, UK
* Jennifer Seelinkit, Philippines
* Maria Angela Briones, Singapore
* Andrew Wright, UK
* Chanita Seedaket, UK
* Regina De La Eva, Philippines

Cristina Olivari, UK
* John Mcbride, UK

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Picking up the Pieces

The sad reality is that ORMOC STILL NEEDS HELP. 

Although the main roads are passable, the city is in shambles. There is no one to clear the rubbish and debris. The stench is overwhelming. 

In spite of all the destruction, the people are trying hard to go back to their normal lives. They are slowly picking up the pieces. Just the other day, a man was selling barbecued banana in the city plaza as if it just another ordinary day. It was amazing and inspiring. 

These people have suffered so much but instead of letting it bring them down, they take what little is left and do everything they can to get back to normal. It's what everyone wants and hopes for. In order for them to do that, they still need help. 

The people of Ormoc City still believe. Together we will rise again. 

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

Hope for Ormoc City, through the donations of family, friends and kind souls all around the world, has adopted and fed  the following barangays: 

Barangay Nadongholan - 1,500 families
Barangay  Donghol - 600 families 
Barangay Mahayag - 160 families 
Barangay Cabulihan - 75 families

Each family has an average of 5 members and we are all making sure that each member has enough to survive. All the donations and relief goods are being sorted and repacked in Ormoc Villa Hotel. Afterwards, they are then distributed to the barangay captains who already have an efficient system of making sure each family has their share. 

Aside from basic needs, people want to rebuild their homes. Here, the strong and able go out during the day to build their houses and find more food. For those who do not have adequate shelter for the night, they sleep at the evacuation centers. 

In the native Filipino dialect, barangay is a term for village. Here in Ormoc City, we are more just a collection of barangays or villages. We are a community and in this community we help each other. Together, we can build tomorrow for Ormoc City. For now the future is not so bright but there is still hope. 

Thursday, 14 November 2013



For all planning to course their donations through PayPal, we have just encountered a glitch. They are not allowing us to withdraw money from the Paypal Account. They are requiring a lot of processing on our part due to the large amounts coming in from all over the world. It seems we need to submit a lot of requirements before they allow 

In the meantime, we cannot afford this delay so please. DO NOT DONATE TO THE PAYPAL ACCOUNT STARTING TODAY. 

For faster processing, you can remit through the following avenues: XOOM, MONEYGRAM, WESTERN UNION and other remittance and money transfer establishments worldwide. 

If you need to send money, please directly deposit to the following accounts:

Account Number: 273-02985-7 
Swift Code: 010100013

Account Number: 1802001459
Swift Code: 010350025

Please spread the news. THANK YOU! 

We will get through this. Let's keep hoping even though it seems impossible. Let's keep giving until it hurts. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Update on Donations - Paypal and Singapore Cash Donations

Hello everybody!

I am now in Cebu City and this is an update on where we are in terms of cash donations.

1) Through Paypal
As of Nov 14 9:23 am, total amount collected: $2,114.12 SGD

2) Cash donations (including bank transfers)
As of Nov 14 9:23 am, total amount collected: $7029 SGD and Php 1000.

Total Amount of Money Raised (so far) : $9,143.12 SGD

Because some of the cash and pay pal donations didn't go through until late last night/early this morning, I was only able to send part of the funds.

Yesterday, I have remitted a total of $7,489 SGD or Php 257,247.15 which we can start using today. The rest of the cash I will get changed to Philippine Peso later today.

Please see the remittance receipts below.

Thank you to friends, friends of friends, families and anonymous donors from all over the world! I will post the list of all of the donors later today. I am still waiting for people to give me their list of names.    

If you would like to request how your donation will be used, please let me know. My email address is

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